Jay's Precision Pool Service

In 1979, growing up in Galway, NY our family home had an inground swimming pool.  After not being professionally winterized for several years, the pool had developed leaks in the plumbing.  My dad had a great degree of difficulty in getting a swimming pool service company to “come all the way out to Galway”!  Fortunately, a man named Joe Clark was doing some other work on our home and my dad asked him if he knew of anyone who would come fix our pool.  Joe was the Owner of Precision Pools of Ballston Spa and my mentor for the next several years!  We got our pool fixed and a Pool Professional was born!

After 11 years I started Jay’s Precision Pool Service, a company dedicated to fulfilling the needs of consumers here in the Northeast where swimming pool season is relatively short and consumers are always seeking to maximize their season.  We pride ourselves in Prompt, Professional, Reliable, and Experienced SERVICE!

When you plan out your dream backyard we are your partner that has a proven track record and reputation for building, servicing and maintaining your pool and spa from start to finish and beyond!  You can depend on Jay's Precision Pools to provide you with the most up to date products as well as our commitment to our provision of services to keep your pool running and repair it in the event that it stops!  Jay's Precision Pools is in the business of taking care of your pool and spa so that you can enjoy your investment to it's fullest potential.  We understand the cost of installing a pool and that is why we aim to keep that pool running for as long as possible.  We have many products to help you maintain and elevate the performance of your pool as well as pool heaters and pool heat pumps that will ensure a longer swimming season!

Swimming Pool and Spa servicing and installation.

Jay's Precision Pool Service has been servicing and installing pools and spas for over 20 years which means that we have the experience and reputation to install or service your pool or spa quickly and efficiently.  We not only know what it takes to service and install your pool or spa but we know how to maintain your pool or spa's water quality!  We prize our reputation for great service and quality products.  Everyone at Jay's Precision Pool Service strives to meet and even surpass the expectations of our customers.

You can rely on our highly trained service and installation technicians to be prompt, courteous and professional.  Jay's Precision Pool Service has the knowledge, experience and technicians to handle all of your pool or spa service, repain or installation needs!  We are your local experts.



What sets Jay's Precision Pool Service apart from the rest?

Great reputation

Commitment to quality service

We only use products we trust

We stay on top of the latest pool and spa trends to provide you the best products around!


Is it time to replace your pool or spa equipment?

When  you update the equipment for your pool or spa, you add years of use and enjoyment.  You can increase your pool or spa efficiency, make it more cost effective and easier for you to maintain!  If you are considering a new pump, filter, heater, chlorination system, plumbing or anything else, give us a call!

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