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How Long is it Safe to Sit in a Hot Tub?

So, how long is it safe to sit in a hot tub? A good recommendation is between 15 and 30 minutes in your hot tub. As an absolute maximum 45 minutes to 60 minutes is recommended. Anything over an hour is considered risky.

However, there are a number of variable factors to be taken into consideration. Some people could be at serious risk by spending too long in their hot tub and be putting their body under unnecessary strain without even realizing it.

So, the guidelines above are a good general starting point. Things will change though depending on a number of variable factors.

The outside air temperature.

If it’s really cold outside your body will probably cool more quickly (especially if you are not fully submerged) and you will be able to comfortably stay longer in the hot tub. Similarly, on a really hot day, you may overheat much more quickly. You may well be even overheating or dehydrated when you get into the hot tub with can make things worse.

Your physical health.

If you are in good physical shape then you can, most probably, safely stay in the hot tub for the recommended period of time without any issues. However, if you have a heart condition, blood pressure issues or are pregnant it can be a good idea to avoid hot tubs, reduce the temperature/time you are in the hot tub or at the very least get the advice of your doctor. Children are also less good at regulating their temperatures so should be in the hot tub for less time than recommended for adults.

Your physical makeup.

Apparently, women can withstand heat more comfortably than men. This is to do with body and muscle mass – it would stand to reason that more petit people would have a different reaction to extreme heat than larger people? I’m not basing this on fact but it seems like a reasonable assumption to make.

How deep you go into the water.

Think about it. If you are totally immersed right up to your neck then there is less exposed body area for the heat to escape. Your face is probably in a cloud of steam as well adding to the heat build up. If you are only waist deep then there is plenty of exposed skin area around your vital core and organs to help dissipate the accumulating heat.

Water temperature.

Ok, this is obvious! But, if you are wanting to extend the amount of time that you can safely and comfortably stay in the hot tub then reducing the temperature a little will make a big difference! Most people like the water somewhere between 36 degrees C and 39 degrees C with 40 degrees C being the absolute maximum.

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