Are you looking for a new pool liner?

Finding a new pool liner is a job that the casual do-it-yourselfer will most always defer to a Professional.  Unlike any other home improvement project, experience and know-how can and most certainly will, prove to be a worthwhile investment.

In measuring a pool for a replacement liner, many measurements are taken to provide for exacting tolerances with respect to fit and finish of the new liner.  This can often be a tricky and time consuming project for a pool owner.  In many cases it may also be necessary to update equipment to conform to current safety and building codes.  A pool Professional is the ONLY way to bring the peace of mind that your investment has been properly renovated and will bring many more years of enjoyment to your family!  

Why not let our team of professionals do all the heavy lifting so that you can enjoy your pool sooner?  Pool ownership should be an easy and relaxing experience and at Jay's Precision Pools, we aim to help you attain just that!


We needed a new pool liner last year and called Jay's Precision Pool Service.  We are so glad that we called Jay, he was very quick to respond to us, friendly, offered great pricing and was very knowledgeable about every step of the process!  We look forward to working with Jay again!  -V. Flynn

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Do you know what to consider when choosing a new pool liner?

There is so much more to choosing a pool liner than just the color and pattern of the pool liner itself.  Here are the top 8 things to consider when you find yourself in the market for a pool liner!


This aspect is the most exciting as it will lay out the entire feel of your pool as well as determine how much (or little) heat is absorbed.  Everybody knows that dark colors absorb heat and will therefore translate to a warmer pool should your choose a dark color for your pool liner.  However, dark colors do have benefits such as hiding some debris and not show dirt as much as a traditional light colored liner would. A major factor to consider is the effect of chlorine and sun bleaching will have on your dark liner over time.  This could lead to accelerated aging.   


When considering a pattern you will find that most liners have 2 different patterns.  There is likely to be a boarder pattern and a body pattern.  There are many variations and also the option of a boarder pattern with a solid body.  There is no limit to how you can style your pool with these options.  When you choose a body pattern you will find that debris will be better hidden.  However, when choosing a pattern it is wise to consider how the pattern will line up.  Most pool liners will need to be seemed together in order to accommodate an accurate fit.  However, with a professional working on the install of your liner, this will be a non-issue!


Choosing the thickness of your liner is very important as this will determine your liner durability, puncture resistance and possibility of leaking over time.  However, just choosing the thickest liner on the market does have some potential drawbacks.  A Thicker liner can be difficult to install and take longer than you would expect.  Also, thick liners are not as elastic as their thin counterparts.  Lastly, a thicker liner may cost you more upfront as there is more vinyl and manufacture process that goes into making them.  But do not let these potential drawbacks keep you from choosing a thicker liner if you are trying to maximize the life you will get out of your pool liner.


We all know that the middle of an upstate NY winter is not the time to have your pool liner installed or replaced.  But, besides the sheer inconvenience of snow, do you know why?  Well, this has to do with the pliability of the liner.  The more pliable (flexable) the liner is, the easier it will be to install.  This often means that the very best time to have your liner installed will start in May, but trust us, this is worth the wait to have done!

Ground Water

If you are replacing a pool liner and not just having one installed for the first time, this is an important step.  Knowing if there is the presence of ground water around your pool can help your pool tech install the liner much more easily.  This is handy knowledge to have as well as weather or not you have a high water table around your pool because if you have a high water table and high ground water when you empty your pool the outside ground water pressure can cause your pool walls to cave.  We want to avoid this issue at all costs!

Other Problem Areas

When replacing a pool liner, it is important to take a look at other parts that can be replaced as well such as skimmer plates, jet fixings, pool lights, drain covers, etc.  This is an excellent opportunity to take a look at these items as well as the larger operating parts of your pool or just have them inspected by your pool professional so that everything is in proper working order and you will get a nicer pool finish!  This is also the best time to take a look at any dents or places where you see the underlying vermiculite may not be smooth and take a moment to have those addressed as well.

Life Expectancy

Here is the biggest concern for all of our clients, life expectancy.  Everyone want's to get the most out of their pool liner budget and part of that formula is how often you will need to replace the liner.  There are many factors that will help determine this.  You will need to consider the chlorine in the pool, how well you maintain the chemical balance, UV rays, freeze and thaw cycles and pool cover usage.  Sunlight exposure is possibly to most damaging to a pool liner.  The use of a pool cover is always recommended to reduce the amount of exposure your liner will receive therefore reducing the aging process of the liner.  Generally, a liner can be expected to last from 5-15 years with the average being around 10 years.

Liner Failure

A failed liner can and will cause many more problems than just having to replace the liner itself.  This can cause major leaks, damage to your pool walls and leave you without the use of your pool for a much longer period.  We recommend that the pool owner take the time or have a professional inspect for weak spots, tears, wrinkles and any leaks.  This will expose any of these issues as well as give clues as to how near replacement you may be.