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What is a Pool Closing?

An essential part of every pool owners list of chores, the pool closing that is done every year may just be the key to it all!  Making sure that you perform a proper pool closing will protect your investment but also increase the life of your pool.  But what is a pool closing and what must be done to do it the right way?  Simply stated, a pool closing is the process of maintaining your pool for the winter months when you will not be using it, in other words, closing it for the season!  Many home owners will try to save money by doing this on their own.  While this is okay and we will fully support you to make sure that you have all of the information to do this properly, it is worth discussing the proper steps to get it right!

The first thing to be aware of when you do a pool closing is the climate.  Here in the Capital District of Upstate NY, that is an easy answer.  We are considered a cool climate.  Knowing that piece of information when you are preparing to do a pool closing will dictate many of the steps that must be taken.  There are factors that need to be considered such as:

  • pH
  • Filter use
  • debris in the pool
  • adding algecide
  • lowering your water level
  • shutting off and draining all plumbing
  • storing parts that can be removed such as diving boards or slides
  • employing the proper pool cover

All of the factors mentioned above are vital to a proper pool closing that will help extend the life of your pool.  Knowing how to tackle the task of closing your pool can be difficult.  However, Jay's Precision Pool Service is happy to come to your home and perform this service for you!  This will benefit you in many ways.  Allowing us to do your pool closing will ensure that it is done to perfection, you will free up time in your already busy schedule and this can also be a great time to have a thorough pool inspection performed as well.  As you can see, contacting Jay's Precision Pool Service to do your pool closing this year holds incredible value!

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This is truly a specialty in and of itself.  A professional pool closing can help give you peace of mind that your pool will weather the harsh winter and be properly protected against the elements.

From proper winterizing of the plumbing lines and operating systems, to protecting the pool water with proper winterizing chemicals, helping protect the liner or other pool surface against staining and damage from falling leaves and branches as well as other landscape materials with a properly fit winter cover.

This valuable service is very much an investment in your INVESTMENT!

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