Keep Your Pool Safe With A Pool Inspection From Jay's Precision Pool Service!

What is a Pool Inspection?

Generally speaking, you want to have your pool or spa inspected before you purchase a new home in order to uncover potentially hazardous problems that can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.  This can also be an opportunity to find out what repairs will be required and even help you get an estimate for these repairs.

The average inspection starts with the basics:

  • pool size
  • pool depth
  • types of materials used in the pool construction and any decking
  • pool age
  • pool manufacture

The pool inspector will start with a visual inspection of the area around the pool as well as the pool itself.  This will immediately identify things like cracks in any surfaces, presence of pests or damaged decking material.  Next the inspector will start to look at the major parts of the pool such as railings, ladders, diving boards or slides that are present.  Other areas of note are the filter casing and water testing for chlorine levels, calcium, pH and alkalinity.

Next come the "under the hood" inspection of the pool.  This will be all of the working parts and anything considered "beneath the surface" of what you typically see on a pool.  This is your chance to find out if the plumbing is working properly and holding the correct pressures.  A pool with filtration issues is not going to be a fun pool to own as it will be costly to maintain and the water will not circulate properly.  This is also the opportune time to make sure that the main drain for your pool is up to code.

Lastly, a pool inspection will reveal if you have any potential problems in any of the motors, pumps, timer, heater (if present) as well as making sure that there is not condensation in any of the lighting fixtures.  It is important to note that a good pool inspection will assess all of the wiring making sure that it is properly grounded, safety measures have been observed in the use of GFIs and all code is followed according to the state requirements.

I had my pool inspected by Jay's Precision Pool Service and was amazed at what was found!  The best part was the fair price for repairs!  I would recommend Jay's Precision Pool Service to everyone!  -P. Smith   Latham, NY

Let's Get Started!

Jay's Precision Pool Service is a  well-respected company in the community and we work with many Real Estate Agents and Brokers to help their clients through the complexities of buying a home with a swimming pool.  A swimming pool is most always EXCLUDED in a Home Inspection. Therefore, it is important to know that the swimming pool will require a separate inspection.  This is important, especially to the first time pool owner, since hidden damage to the swimming pool or its operating systems can cost THOUSANDS of dollars to repair or replace.

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