Is Your Pool Ready For an Update?

If you are tired of your dated pool let us help you update it the right way.  Often we see pool owners try to renovate their pool on their own and we usually see them because something has gone terribly wrong.  We appreciate the can do attitude but there is much more to pool renovations than pulling out what you don't like and installing something new.  Renovating your pool is so much harder than installing a new pool because the original pool often needs to be completely redesigned to be brought up to today's city codes.  

With your home and pool representing a sizable investment for all homeowners, upgrading your pool will also add more value to your home as well as giving you a great source of pride for entertaining your family and friends.  When you look at this project in that frame, this "makeover" may end up being one of the smartest investments you could make in your home.

No matter if the project is due to the purchase of a home that has an outdated pool that needs updating to make it safe for your family or if you installed a pool years ago and let it go after the kids went to college, we can help you bring it back to life!  As an added benefit, updating your pool can help you save on energy bills because we will use a portion of your budget to upgrade your equipment to make sure that you have the most up to date system that fits within your budget.  We find that this investment actually pays due to the massive savings that you will see in your energy bills!

When you are looking to remodel your pool this is also the perfect time to add exciting new features as well!  We are always happy to meet with you and discuss all of your available options and you can rest assured that we do it with your budget and schedule in mind!  When you choose Jay's Precision Pool Service you choose quality in backyard aquatic escapes!  From replacing the liner to the pump and skimmer we can upgrade it all!


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I had Jay's Precision Pool Service renovate my pool and am so happy with my investment!  I save money on the new equipment being more energy efficient and my old gross pool looks so nice now!  

      -C. Hopkins  Latham, NY