Spa Alkalinity Increaser

Raise Alkalinity to Ideal Level

Natural Chemistry’s Spa Alkalinity Increaser is used to raise total alkalinity in spa water. Total alkalinity in spa water should be maintained between 80- 120ppm. As a result of the buffering effect of total alkalinity, pH, bather comfort, water balance, and clarity are more easily maintained.



– Brings alkalinity level to ideal range
– Helps maintain a balanced water chemistry

2 lb.


1. Test spa water for total alkalinity level.
2. Compare test results to chart below to determine appropriate amount of Natural Chemistry Spa Alkalinity Increaser necessary to make adjustment.
3. With spa circulating pump on high speed, add required amount directly into spa water. Continue circulating water a minimum of 20 minutes.

Dosage Chart 
(All values are in dry ounces)

Spa Volume20ppm40ppm80ppm100ppm
200 gal1 oz.2 oz.4 oz.5 oz.
400 gal2 oz.4 oz.8 oz.10 oz.
800 gal4 oz.8 oz.16 oz.20 oz.

NCI threaded safety cap = 1/2oz
NCI large over cap = 4 1/2oz