Extreme Safety Cover™

We have designed the Extreme Safety Cover to protect both you and your family. Our pool covers are manufactured to your specific pool size and shape. A properly installed Extreme Safety Cover will help prevent accidental intrusion by children and pets.

Extreme Safety Covers™ are made with your choice of solid or mesh material. Bio-Shade technology is incorporated in our mesh material to inhibit the growth of algae in your pool. Ask your dealer about our Pro-Tex™ (U.S. Patent 6,886,187-98) mesh safety cover material, available in green, or our Bio-Shade™ mesh, which is available in blue, green, tan, and gray. If a solid cover is your preference, our Heavy-Duty Solid 12 oz. and the LitePro™ 7 oz. solid covers are excellent choices. Both are available in green or blue.

Check out our list of other Safety Cover’s we offer:


  • The benefits of a solid cover, with the ease and handling of a mesh.
  • The ProTex safety cover material. Manufactured with a light and tight woven material, ProTex safety covers are designed to allow water through for drainage and safety but keep sunlight and debris out for ease of maintenance and peace of mind.
  • Available in Green.


  • Lightweight LitePro safety covers are about half the weight of our standard solid cover.
  • LitePro solid safety covers will block out all of the sun’s rays, yet the new lightweight material allows for easy installation and removal.
  • Available in Blue and Green.


  • A customized engineered mesh designed to inhibit the growth of algae in your pool.
  • Durable long lasting polypropylene mesh material. No more standing water in the springtime for insects to breed, our mesh material allows water and snow to drain right through.
  • Built-in durability and strength will protect your family and your investment.
  • Available in Green, Blue, Tan, and Gray.

Full Weight Solid

  • Heavy-duty solid safety covers stand up to whatever mother nature can dish out.
  • The full-weight solid safety cover material will completely block out all the sun’s rays.
  • One of the industry’s most durable covers comes standard with the INVIS-A-DRAIN™ system, keeping all the debris and sun’s rays out, allowing only water to pass into your pool.
  • Available in Green and Blue.