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Above-Ground Pool vs. In-ground Pool

Trying to decide between an above ground and in-ground pool? There’s a lot to consider.

Above-ground pools cost less to install

One of the biggest reasons homeowners choose an above-ground pool over an in-ground pool is the cost. An above-ground pool costs a fraction of the price of an in-ground pool and it’s a good option for homeowners with a small backyard.

A homeowner can pay as little as $500 for an above-ground pool or as much as $20,000, although most of the models he sells cost between $7,000 and $8,000. That compares with an average starting price of about $38,000 for an in-ground pool in his market, but doesn’t include the cost of a pool patio deck, fencing or landscaping.

The average lifespan of an above-ground is 10 to 20 years. However, higher-end models can last decades.

Above-ground pools install and disassemble quicker

An in-ground pool can take six to eight weeks to construct. hat doesn’t include days off the job because of rainfall. An above-ground pool can be erected in one day.

If you expect to move in several years, or worry that prospective home buyers won’t want a pool, an above-ground pool can be removed just as quickly. Depending on the condition of the pool, it may be reassembled at your new home.

However, you may need to buy some replacement parts because some may be old or damaged when the pool is being taken apart.

Above-ground pools have lower maintenance costs

An above-ground pool holds about half the water of the average in-ground pool, and debris tends to enter above-ground pools from overhead, rather than being windswept across the ground.

Consequently, you’ll spend less money on chlorine and other maintenance supplies and time cleaning an above-ground pool, because an above-ground pool isn’t a permanent structure, it’s unlikely your property taxes will increase, although your insurance rates may.

In-ground pools last longer

Perhaps the biggest advantages of in-ground pools are longevity and curb appeal. If properly constructed and maintained, all in-ground pools can last for decades.

However, in-ground pools will eventually need a major repair, such as a new liner, surface or equipment.

In-ground pools offer more design options

Above ground pools are sold in two shapes; round and oval. And they typically are no deeper than six feet. You can design and build an in-ground pool in any size, shape, and depth you want, which can make them more attractive than above ground pools.

Another advantage of in-ground pools is that the water stays warmer because the vessel holding the water sits in the earth.

Repairs costs more for in-ground pools

If you choose an in-ground pool, more often than not, your property value will increase. An in-ground pool may even entice homebuyers who weren’t looking for a house with a pool to reconsider.

If it’s kept up, they may even pay extra for that.

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