Some of the best cleaning tools for your spa or pool are Pentair Cleaners! Check out these unique tools and what they can do specifically for your pool or spa.

Pentair Cleaners

Racer Cleaner

The new Kreepy Krauly Racer cleans 30% faster than any other pressure-side cleaner on the market. It delivers a sparkling clean pool with 4 venturis, a massive intake, and a built-in rotating brush to tackle dirt and debris with power and ease. Plus, with Night Cruize LED Lights, the Racer cleane makes cleaning after dark an illuminating experience.

Kreep Krauly Cleaner

The redesigned Kreepy Krauly® delivers the classic dependable service of our one-moving part cleaner, with a sleek, yet rugged new body. See why more than 3 million pool owners have chosen the Kreepy Krauly brand over any other.

Prowler 830 and 820 Cleaner

The Kreepy Krauly Prowler® 820 and 830 are the ultimate in pool cleaning performance and convenience. These incredibly easy-to-use and eco-friendly robotic cleaners scrub, vacuum and filter stubborn dirt and debris—all by simply plugging it in and watching it go.

‘Lil Shark Cleaner

The newly designed Kreepy Krauly® ‘Lil Shark™ is more than a playful addition to your pool experience, it equips your pool with powerful cleaning action against the toughest dirt and debris. Its dual band of bristles scrubs and vacuums dirt and grime from the pool floor, giving you more time to enjoy your pool.

Kruiser Cleaner

The Kreepy Krauly® Kruiser combines elegant design with the most dependable performance on the market. The curved-finger design of the seal, and the integrated bumper allows unimpeded movement around pool obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning. The simplicity of one moving part provides years of affordable and dependable service.

Kreepy Krauly Legend Cleaner

Tough pool dirt like twigs, leaves, berries, and pebbles demand a tough pool cleaner—Kreepy Krauly Legend cleaner. Its powerful vacuum action, wider throat intake and 60% larger debris bag capture and hold more dirt than ever before. The wider bag opening makes emptying a cinch, and you can count on an easy, secure closure with the new snap-lock feature.

Kreepy Krauly Sandshark Cleaner

New Kreepy Krauly SandShark cleaner is the latest evolution in automatic pool cleaning technology. First, it features multiple rows of squeegee-like fins that scrub pool surfaces and dislodge stubborn dirt. Second, its powerful vacuuming action whisks away both large and small debris with ease. Why settle for one-way cleaning when you can own the very best, a Kreepy Krauly SandShark?

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