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Dealing With Excessive Leaves In Your Pool

With fall in full swing and leaves dropping from the trees, we are sure that you are tired of the constant leaves in the pool!  We found a great resource that will help you deal with these leaves in the pool and save some of your sanity in the process!  Well all have to deal with the leaves in one way or another but we would like to help you make the process easier and maybe even save your pool filter from having to work too hard due to clogged skimmer baskets and very low filter flow.

I Love to Skim my Pool. Part of me appreciates the subtle Zen-like qualities of walking around the perimeter of my pool collecting every visible scrap of debris visible to the naked eye, clearing the water and my mind. It’s me time.

If I’m in my pool, the leaf net is always close at hand. However, I have a tree that is actually in my front yard that manages to shed various pods, seedlings, and an array of leaves throughout the year that inevitably land in my pool. It can get excessive in the fall.

This is the time of year that most of us are dealing with heavy amounts of leaves in our pool area regardless if your pool is open or closed. I’ve collected a handful of my favorite anti-leaf tools to assist you in your own fight for a debris-free pool. Let’s jump in!

Leaf Bone – Leaf Net Skimmer Clip

The Leaf Bone Leaf Net Skimmer Clip is a $12 tool that falls into the It’s-So-Simple-It’s-Genius category of new additions to the pool maintenance world. This nifty Clip fits any 1.90” inground pool ladder handrail, installs in seconds, and can spare your pump the extra energy from decrease water flow from a leaf-clogged skimmer as well as save time from manually patrolling the pool with your leaf rake in hand.

Pool Cover Leaf Catchers


If your pool has large trees nearby, leaves and sticks can create problems for pool covers. A simple, lightweight solution to leaves and debris is a leaf catcher. Leaf Catchers act as a protective net that rests over the top of your winter cover to collect all fall leaves. Super easy to remove, with a winter’s worth of leaves in tow. Inexpensive and available in a variety of sizes for both inground and above ground pools. Pool Leaf Covers protect your cover, and save you a lot of time and effort.

Leaf Gulper Garden Hose Vacuum

The Leaf Gulper pool bottom cleaner connects to your telescoping pole like a vacuum head, but  instead of a vacuum hose it uses a garden hose. The water from your garden hose blows the leaves up into the net as you roll over the. The bottom has a soft thistle brush that is safe for concrete, fiberglass or vinyl liners. The Pool Blaster is the exact same premise only it functions via a battery powered fan that sucks up the leaves into the bag.

In-Line Leaf Strainers

Hayward Leaf Canisters attach to your manual pool vacuum or suction pool cleaner with a short hose that connects to the skimmer. The basket or bag collects the leaves to prevent them from going through your pool plumbing (potentially clogging it). Stops leaves from collecting in your pump basket, so you don’t have to stop vacuuming to empty the pump or skimmer basket. Plus, large-capacity leaf strainer traps leaves and debris, avoiding a loss of suction from blocked baskets.

Skim It Pool Cleaner

The Skim-It Pool Cleaner is another one of those brilliantly simple accessories that works for both inground and above ground pools at a cheap price that takes ZERO effort to install. The part that attaches to the inside of the pool skimmer is simple a tension spring—like a mini tension curtain rod. The Skim It extends the reach of your skimmer, trapping the debris so that the skimmer can coral it into the basket. I use a Skim-It on both of my pool skimmers.

For the rest of this article, please be sure to go to intheswim.com  If you have any questions or you if you need more information on the products that are featured in this article, be sure to contact us!

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