Here is something that not everyone may think of when thinking about pool ownership.  Insurance.  We have partnered with John Lofrumento who wrote the following in regards to pool and insurance.  This seemingly insignificant policy may turn out to be your saving grace!  

If you have children, most likely you either have a pool, are thinking about getting a pool, or have really unhappy children. The truth is that swimming pools have a lot to offer – relaxation, ambiance, fitness, games, etc. There are also a lot of aspects of pool ownership that are often overlooked. For example, what happens if the pool closing isn’t done correctly or what if someone gets injured? It’s really important that you have a heightened level of vigilance as a pool owner to ensure that your summertime fun spot doesn’t cause you headaches down the road.

Unfortunately with Fall just around the corner, it’s time to put some thought into closing your pool for the season. Your homeowners insurance most likely covers things that are sudden and accidental in nature but there are two common causes of pool damage over the winter that are usually not covered. The first would be damage from ice. If ice forms inside the pool and cuts the liner, it’s probably not covered by your insurance so it’s very important that you take the appropriate precautions to ensure this doesn’t happen. The second common cause of damage is the freezing and subsequent bursting of water lines. Having a professional close your pool for the season should help you avoid both of these concerns.

In addition as a pool owner, you have a large liability exposure. If someone is injured in or around your pool, you might find yourself on the wrong side of a lawsuit. Working with an experienced licensed insurance agent to determine the appropriate liability coverage to protect your assets is key. Often times adding an affordable Personal Umbrella Policy will provide the necessary coverage to make sure that the nest egg you’ve worked so hard to build is not in jeopardy.

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