As a pool company we are aware of many pool owners love-hate relationship with the end of season chores to be done for closing the pool.  It’s easy to see why our clients love and hate this process.  It is generally hated because it means that it’s the end of trips to the beach, long afternoons in the pool, BBQ’s on the weekends and not having to worry about getting the kids to do their homework.  However, there is a measure of comfort in getting back to school routines and carving pumpkins.

Many pool owners have closing the pool at the bottom of the to-do list come the beginning of fall.  Many keep the pool open a tad longer in hopes of those Indian Summer days that may come in late September.  And let’s face it, closing the pool is just no fun (except for us, we love all things pools)!  Well, we are here to tell you that it may not be necessary to close the pool.  Yet.

Everyone knows that the best time to close the pool is when the temperatures start dropping.  This helps save you from the dreaded closed pool algae bloom and also keeps the water in better condition through the winter months to come.  While it can be okay to wait a little bit to close the pool, don’t wait too long because it can go from cool to freezing in the blink of an eye here in the capital district of New York.  You do want to make sure that you winterize your pool before the temps drop too much though.  Otherwise your pool system could sustain catastrophic damage like cracked pipes.

Some key points to remember when you are getting ready to close your pool for the winter:

  • remove all leaves and debris from the pool
  • make sure you do one last thorough vacuum
  • backwash the filtration
  • drain the pool to an appropriate level
  • test your water and add your winterization chemicals
  • drain, disassemble and clean your filter elements in preparation for storage
  • drain the pump and the heater
  • plug all returns and skimmers
  • remove and store your deck equipment such as ladders and handrails
  • inspect the winter cover and replace if necessary
  • install the winter cover
  • sweep or blow off the deck area and equipment pad

While many of us love the upcoming holidays and the change of seasons we will long for the warm days and starry nights that we all enjoy all summer long once that first day of cold sets in!  Make sure that you plan ahead and add “take care of pool” to your list of fall to-do projects before the real cold weather sets in and makes a mess of your pool.  And remember it is never too soon to contact us to schedule your pool closing!