If you are one of the many people that is tired of putting chemical into your hot tub or the drying effects the water has on your skin after a soak session then you might have heard of converting your hot tub to a salt water hot tub.  We love to stay on top of trends and keep our customers and new customers in the know when it comes to what we can do with their pool and hot tub.  So we have done our research and found you a great resource along the way!  If you are thinking about making this conversion and want to spend some time in your hot tub this fall, be sure to contact us today!

How to Convert to a Salt Water Hot Tub

Salt water is a great alternative to chemical chlorine. However, your hot tub may not be built with a salt water chlorinator in mind.

Don’t worry, almost any hot tub can be converted to salt water these days. Let’s learn how to convert to a salt water hot tub so you can get rid of those corrosive chemicals and use a more natural approach to creating chlorine to sanitize your hot tub water.

Benefits of Salt Water Chlorinators

There are many great benefits to using salt water chlorinators in your hot tub. If you are considering making the switch, then you should check these out.

Reduced Costs

Your chemical costs will be greatly reduced as you won’t need to keep chlorine on hand. You still may want to keep shock around for those deep cleanings, but other than that you will won’t really need it.

Better for Your Skin and Eyes

Chlorine generated by salt is much easier on your eyes and skin. You won’t feel that burning if you get water in your eyes and your skin won’t dry out and become irritated by the water. That chlorine smell is also much less prominent, making it easier to stand being in the room if you are in an enclosed area. If you are sensitive to any of these issues caused by regular chlorine, then salt could be a great alternative.

Easier Maintenance

One thing is certain, maintenance with a salt water chlorinator is much easier compared to traditional sanitizer methods. That doesn’t mean you are maintenance free, but the overall process is much easier and will take you much less time.

The Fine Print

Often you will find that many sellers out there will tout the maintenance free benefits of salt water. They aren’t entirely wrong. However, they are leaving out a few important facts. Just because you use salt water, doesn’t mean your hot tub is maintenance free. It also doesn’t mean you won’t be using chlorine. Salt water chlorinators use salt to generate chlorine instead of dumping chemicals into your hot tub. However, the end result is much the same as using chemicals.

Convert to a Salt Water Hot Tub

Now let’s take a look at the steps it will take for you to convert your existing hot tub into a salt water hot tub. The process is easy, all you have to do is pick up some salt and a handy converter kit. Once you have those, you are ready to get started.

  1. Before you begin, make sure your spa’s sanitizer levels have dipped down to 1 to 3 parts per million (ppm).
  2. Measure the salt levels in your hot tub and then add the necessary amount of salt needed according to your manual.
  3. Locate a GFCI outlet near your power supply. If you do not have one, have a certified electrician install one near your hot tub.
  4. Mount the power supply to your hot tub wall and connect the cell to your power supply.
  5. Locate the cell holder near the power supply and secure it with the tape or other materials included with your salt water chlorinator.
  6. Place the cell about one foot in your water.
  7. Plug in the power supply to the GFCI outlet.

Don’t Forget Maintenance

Just because this method is easier than more traditional sanitizing methods, that doesn’t mean there isn’t maintenance. You need to inspect your chlorinator at least once a month to check for any calcium build up. If you find any build up, you may need to check your water and, of course, clean the chlorinator.

This also doesn’t mean that you can forget about your other cleaning rituals. You will still need to regularly clean your water, check your filter and double check your water chemistry to make sure everything is properly balanced. If you don’t, that salt won’t be able to do its job.

In Conclusion

Salt water hot tubs bring with them many benefits, and with today’s technology, almost any hot tub can be converted in a matter of minutes. While the process is easy, don’t forget to continue with your maintenance schedule in order to keep your water in great shape. If you have been considering ridding yourself of harmful chemicals, then salt water is a great alternative. Using one of the converters is a great way to convert your system and can be done by almost anyone. With this guide, you should be able to do just that, and then you can begin to enjoy a clean hot tub that is much more safe and natural.

This article was originally published on swimuniversity.com.  If you are ready to make the switch to salt water in your hot tub them be sure to contact us today so that we can assist you with all of your needs!