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Things You Should Know if You Own a Spa

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Hot Tub Terms: Things You Should Know if You Own a Spa

Isn’t it about time you got to know your hot tub better? Owning a spa means you’ll need to know the words and terms that accompany it, whether you maintain the tub yourself or hire a professional.


A dry or liquid chemical that lowers pH when added to water.

Air Switch

A pneumatic-mechanical control device that is used to safely operate spa and hot tub equipment. To operate, a button that is located in or near the water is depressed, sending air pressure along with a hose to an on/off switch.


The characteristic of water that registers a pH above neutral.

Aluminum Sulfate

An additive for sand filters that helps prevent sand from combining and hardening; thus, not filtering impurities from water.


A sanitizer similar to chlorine and one of the original hot tub sanitizers.


A sanitizer which is part of a water treatment system.

Digital Programming

Popular controls used to manage such features as water temperature, filtering cycles, light and even accessories such as stereo and TV.


A material shaped to form hot tub shells.

Fiber Optics

A lighting system in which light is generated at a remote source and transmitted along fibers.


A porous, fibrous material in cylinder form that’s called an element. It allows water to pass through while it collects particles, organic matter, oils, lotions and foreign debris that accumulates in hot tub water.

Flow Monitor

Gauges how fast and how much water is flowing.

Flow Rate

The measure of how many gallons per minute pass through a hot tub pump. A better measure of water movement than pump horsepower.


The method by which hot tub water is warmed electrically. Some custom hot tubs have gas heaters.

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