Before you start grumbling because we are starting to talk pools here, hear us out.  We live in a cool climate here in the Albany, Troy, Saratoga Springs, NY area.  Just look out your window and you can see the obvious evidence of that on the ground.  But did you know that there is an amazing new heat pump that we can install for your pool from US Air Water Products?!  Now, this will not allow you to keep your upstate NY pool open all winter but you can start your season early and end it later with one of these little beauties!

These pool heat pumps are built with the idea that US Air Water Products wants to provide you with the best heat pump for your pool hands down.  Period.  No matter what climate or region you live in they want to provide you with a pool heat pump that will help you enjoy your investment longer!  These heat pumps all come with the same standard features.  The only difference between the models is how many gallons of water they can effectively heat for you.

So, what are the standard features you may be asking?

  • Intelligent Micro-Processor Control with EasyView Display is capable of
    monitoring, analyzing and controlling your heat pump. Smart features
    include: Simple push button operation, large and bright LED display,
    automatic temperature controls, automatic defrost, digital lock code, builtin
    service analyzers, built-in compressor protection and remote system
  • Protected from the Weather UltraQuiet heat pumps are engineered to last.
    Coastal environments and inland weather can be detrimental to the life of
    your heat pump. Weather proof construction is important. Every unit is
    seacoast treated, every coil is coated and every heat pump is constructed
    from non-corrosive, UV resistant materials.
  • UltraQuiet Design U.S. AirWater heat pumps quietly heat or cool with
    sound levels as low as 50Db, almost silent from 10ft away. Our exclusive
    UltraQuiet airflow system features a silencing fan top, integrated
    electronically commutated fan motor, forward-sweeping fan blades,
    compressor sound shield and vibration isolators to help deliver quiet
    operation by maximizing airflow and minimizing vibration.
  • Rapid Defrost (HC) uses the hot gas from the compressor discharge to
    defrost the evaporator coil. This is the most efficient way to defrost as heat
    is added directly to into the evaporator coil tubes which effectively defrosts
    the heat pump at a very rapid pace.
  • Heat, Cool or Heat · Cool, it’s your choice. Just set your UltraQuiet heat and
    cool heat pump to heating, cooling or auto and let it automatically heat or
    cool to maintain the temperature you enjoy.
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger is backed by a lifetime warranty. U.S. AirWater’s
    Titanium Heat Exchanger design features the latest advancement in heat
    exchanger technology. Its enhanced tubing design gives 3-4 times the
    surface area compared to standard round tube heat exchangers, which
    equals more BTU’s per hour heat transfer. The 100% pure commercial grade
    titanium is impervious to harsh pool chemicals.

And the best part is you can order yours now and have it installed as soon as you open your pool this spring!  We are so very excited to be able to bring these amazing pool heat pumps to you and cannot wait to start installing them for you!  If you are interested in knowing more, be sure to contact us today!