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When Should I Replace My Hot Tub Filter?

If the chemicals or filter aren’t doing their job properly then the water can become smelly, discolored and unpleasant. Not only can this be damaging to the hot tub itself but it is also a health hazard to anyone in the water.

If you keep to the recommended time scales of changing your hot tub filter every year you will not go far wrong. This is particularly true if you follow the simple maintenance schedule below as well. However, in some circumstances, you might find that you need to clean or change your filter more often. The signs that you need to change your filter are as follows:

1. The water in the hot tub isn’t clear.

Remember that this could also be because of an incorrect chemical balance. However, if the hot tub filter is clogged or dirty the flow of water will be impeded and the water will cloud up more easily.

2. There is an obvious leak or crack in the filter itself.

This doesn’t happen very often but if there are visible signs of failure than replace the filter asap.

3. When you clean the filter you can’t get it really clean.

Even after using a cleaning solution and a filter cleaning comb/water wand the filter is still dirty. In this case, you need a replacement.

4. Restricted water flow.

This is when there is a difference between the pressure of the water going into the filter and the water coming out of it. If there is a big difference then the filter is blocked or clogged up and needs a good clean or changing.

5. Blocked filter.

The filter seems to get blocked more easily and you need to clean it more often.

What will happen if I don’t clean or change my hot tub filter?

So, you now know everything you need to know about when to change your hot tub filter. But why is it so important to do this? Apart from the fact that your water will become smelly and discolored and possibly start to harbor harmful bacteria it is also possible that you will actually damage your hot tub. One of the most common hot tub faults is damaged or burned out pump motors. This is generally caused by the pump overworking to pump water through a dirty filter. Changing and cleaning your filter is a quick and easy job which not only keeps the water in your hot tub fresh and healthy but also enhances the life expectancy of your hot tub as well!

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