Jay's Precision Pools - 6 common pool problems and their solutions

6 common pool problems and their solution

With summer finally on its way, we thought we would start getting back into the swing of things by helping you start to solve any potential pool problems.  We found this great resource that outlines 6 common pool problems and how to solve them as we were doing our weekly reading.  We thought that this would be perfect for you, dear readers, just in case you are having one of these problems or you run into one of these problems this summer.

With summer officially here its time to jump in that pool for heat relief. But maintaining a pool can be a bit of a daunting task.

Not everyone is a professional chemist, so pool experts recommend you see them first for any problems you encounter. You can head off the issues by taking water samples to the local pool store once a month. “It’s like going to a doctor for a check up,” said Bill Hoffer, sales manager at Valley Pools Inc. in South Londonderry Twp. “We can run a whole barrage of tests and see if anything is getting out of the normal parameters” he said.

Still want to try it the hands-on way? Here are the reasons behind and quick fixes for the most common pool problems, courtesy of Hoffer and Vickie Brevik, general manager at Keystone Pool and Spa in Carlisle.


  • DESCRIPTION: Probably the most common of pool problems, according to Brevik and Hoffer. The surface of the pool is green and swimmers merge looking like swamp monsters.
  • CAUSE: Algae has infested the pool. “90% of the time the cause is that the chlorine level is low,” Hoffer said.
  • SOLUTION: Shock that pool! Perform a shock treatment using three times the normal amount of shock. Couple that with algaecide and the algae will be exterminated.


  • DESCRIPTION: The pool is starting to build unseemly debris and the filter, when examined, is chock full.
  • CAUSE: Relax, this one is a good thing. “It pretty much means the filter is doing it’s job,” Brevik said. It’s clogged because the pool was dirty.
  • SOLUTION: Perform some filter maintenance, clean it out each time it’s clogged. At least once a year it should be chemically cleaned to ensure it’s long functional life, according to Brevik.


  • DESCRIPTION: The pool looks like it is trying to host a foam party and you are not amused. White suds can be seen on the surface.
  • CAUSE: “Most of the foaming we see in pools is from the use of poor algaecide,” said Hoffer. How do you spot one of these poor algaecides? “They never say “This is a foaming algaecide,” Hoffer said. “They’re cheaper and, not to pick on anybody, but you see them most often at mass marketers.”
  • SOLUTION: Head back to the store and get an anti-foam agent and be sure to buy future algaecide from a trustworthy pool dealer who can vouch for it.


  • DESCRIPTION: The pool is either a milk chocolate brown, or a brilliant beautiful teal. Blondes may leave the water with their fair locks green.
  • CAUSE: An abundance of minerals in the water is the root of the problem. Pools with a lot of iron go the brown route, those with more copper take on the teal look with the green hair effect.
  • SOLUTION: Pool stores have different chemicals to remove different minerals from the water, so purchase and use the one that is right for the pool.


  • DESCRIPTION: The bottom of the pool is a mystery. What could be lurking in its depths? Nobody knows.
  • CAUSE: Improper pH levels, is the traditional cause – and the rain aided the problem. “The rain is really acidic in this area and it does effect the pools,” said Brevik.
  • SOLUTION: Test the water’s pH levels and adjust accordingly.


  • DESCRIPTION: There is a weird brown stain on the pool’s walls or floor and no one knows where it came from.
  • CAUSE: It could be organic, or the result of high mineral levels (see mineral mishap). Test the water to see by using a sock. First, put a little pH decreaser in the sock, then rub it on the stain. If it removes the stain, make a note of it. If it does not remove the stain, try again but with a chlorine stick in the sock instead of pH decreaser.
  • SOLUTION: This is one for the professionals, present the results of the test to them and let them have at. But do it quickly, as removing the stain may not be possible. “It’s like your favorite article of clothing that gets stained,” Hoffer said. “The longer it’s left untreated, the harder the stain will be to get out.”

This article was originally published at blog.pennlive.com.  If you have worked through all of these problems and still not been able to find the solution, be sure to contact us today so that we can help you find a solution!

Jay's Pools - Need A New Pool Liner - Here Is How To Choose

Need A New Pool Liner? Here Is How To Choose!

We all know that when it’s time to open the pool for the swim season you will often find that your pool liner has failed over the winter.  This means that there is a new pool liner in your near future!   But how are you supposed to choose?  With choices in color, pattern, texture, and thickness to keep in mind this choice can be a nightmare.  But it doesn’t have to be.  We have put together this resource to help you make the right choice for your new pool liner!


This is your first step in narrowing down your choices.  What do you want your overall color to be?  When you know that you want a more beachy looking pool from the start, you will be able to skip right over the deep blue options.

While the pool liner does play a factor in the color of your finished pool, it is important to keep other factors in mind that will come into play.  Such as the sky.  Your pool becomes a giant mirror and will reflect the sky and clouds on any given day.  That is why you see that beautiful blue in the ocean instead of the sandy color of the beach.  Another big factor is depth.  The color of the steps of your pool will show the pattern of your pool liner as is but once you start adding depth, those details tend to disappear but the color deepens.

The natural light around your pool will also have a play on the color of your pool.  Just as the weather will alter the color as well.  When the rain comes and the sky is dark, your pool will look much darker as well.  Lastly, you must consider if your pool is in the full sunlight or if there is shade around it.  If your pool is in a shaded area, you will want to choose a lighter/brighter color for your pool liner.


The next step is to choose your pattern.  The good news is you narrowed your choice with your color selection however, you still have a LOT of choices!  Patterns can mimic natural stones, tiles, marble and even jewels.  No matter what look you are going for, you can rest assured that we have something that will suit your needs!  We suggest choosing a liner that compliments the surroundings of your pool.  So take a look at any decking, patio design and any natural elements that are going to be around your pool.  That said, we do have to let you know that this choice can enhance your poolscape or completely clash depending on this choice.  The good news is that the possibilities are in fact, endless.  We can help you find the exact liner you are looking for and will love for years to come!


The first consideration when choosing your texture is, what is going to be covered?  Do you have added features in your pool that is going to need to be covered in your pool as well?  This will help you to determine the texture that you are going to want.  The texture is invaluable when you are going to be covering your pool steps.  You don’t want to take that first step in and then slide the rest of the way in!  While there is normally an extra incurred charge for the texture, we assure you that it is a worthy expense when you consider the safety of your family while in the pool.  However, do not fool yourself into thinking that you can let your pool chemistry slip.  You will only damage your pool and ruin your swim season if you allow algae buildup because you did not keep your chemistry in check.


Here is the crucial factor in your pool liners longevity.  Thick pool liner or thin pool liner?  You may be thinking that the thicker pool liner is the way to go because it will last longer and be less prone to tears.  However, if you live in this cold climate and your liner is installed on a cold day, the liner is not going to be pliable and will become prone to rips and tears much quicker.  With all of this in mind, we do have tricks that we use to keep the thicker liners warm for installation.  We suggest that you find the pool liner that you love first and THEN choose your thickness.

No matter what liner you choose, you must always be working on your pool maintenance.  From keeping the chemistry balanced to inspecting all of the working parts, there is no replacement for responsible pool ownership!  Replacing the pool liner is an eventual expense every pool owner is going to incur when you own a vinyl lined pool.  We truly hope that you have found some helpful information on how to choose your next pool liner.  Remember, you can always contact us with any and all questions and we are more than happy to help you find everything that you are looking for!  Happy Swimming!

Jays Precision Pools - Hot Tub Health Benefits

Hot Tub Health Benefits: Our Top 4

We know that there are many, many health benefits to be had from soaking in a hot tub.  Not to mention that it can be an extremely relaxing and fun activity.  From taking the time to engage in simple leisure to using your hot tub for therapeutic benefit, your hot tub can improve your lifestyle in many ways.  We wanted to outline the four top benefits that you can receive just from adding a hot tub to your life.

1. Improved Sleep Patterns

Do you remember when you were a child and you would take a hot bath right before bedtime and you would get the best sleep ever?  Maybe you still take a hot shower prior to going to bed as an adult.  The reason that this feels so good and helps you to sleep so well is that when your body is warm, all the tension in your body is released and allows you to fall asleep much easier.  So taking the time to soak in a hot tub prior to going to bed can help you fight of insomnia or stress related sleeplessness thereby aiding your sleep pattern.

2. Weight Maintenance

If living a healthy and fit lifestyle is of interest to you, you will be thrilled to find that it is easier to reach and maintain your goals with a hot tub in your life.  Many people actually use their hot tub as a way to practice fitness, yoga, aqua gym or other ways to stay physically active.  This is possible because of the buoyancy of the water relieving stress from joints and muscles and allowing low-impact, physical exercise.  The water helps to lift the weight of your body helping alleviate the struggle of your exercises out of the water.  Trust us when we say that your muscles and joints will thank you if you suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS or any other physical ailment that causes wide spread pain.

3. Muscle and Joint Pain

If you suffer from the effects of a skeletal issue or condition that causes chronic pain then a hot tub can quickly become your favorite part of your home.  Hot tubs have water jets that can massage sore muscles.  Also, the bubbles that are created in the water by the jets can help blood circulation.  Lastly, bathing in a hot tub can also help reduce inflammation and joint pain from past injuries.  Regular soaking in the hot tub will certainly provide you with much-needed comfort and relaxation if you are affected by daily chronic pain issues.

4. Stress and Anxiety Relief

If stress seems to sneak up on you and stay with you in your muscles then you may need a good soak in a hot tub.  The warm water and bubbly water in your hot tub can do wonders for your emotional health.  Spending this time on yourself will certainly help you feel more grounded, happy and relaxed.  What better way to melt away stress at the end of a long day than to soak in your hot hub.

We absolutely believe that you can enjoy all of these benefits and many more.  If you are ready to talk to us about planning your hot tub delivery then be sure to contact us today!  We can’t wait to get your hot tub installed and help you feel the many benefits of your decision, we just know that you will love it!

Jays Pools - US Air Water Products Heat Pump For Your Cool Climate Pool

US Air Water Products Heat Pump For Your Cool Climate Pool!

Before you start grumbling because we are starting to talk pools here, hear us out.  We live in a cool climate here in the Albany, Troy, Saratoga Springs, NY area.  Just look out your window and you can see the obvious evidence of that on the ground.  But did you know that there is an amazing new heat pump that we can install for your pool from US Air Water Products?!  Now, this will not allow you to keep your upstate NY pool open all winter but you can start your season early and end it later with one of these little beauties!

These pool heat pumps are built with the idea that US Air Water Products wants to provide you with the best heat pump for your pool hands down.  Period.  No matter what climate or region you live in they want to provide you with a pool heat pump that will help you enjoy your investment longer!  These heat pumps all come with the same standard features.  The only difference between the models is how many gallons of water they can effectively heat for you.

So, what are the standard features you may be asking?

  • Intelligent Micro-Processor Control with EasyView Display is capable of
    monitoring, analyzing and controlling your heat pump. Smart features
    include: Simple push button operation, large and bright LED display,
    automatic temperature controls, automatic defrost, digital lock code, builtin
    service analyzers, built-in compressor protection and remote system
  • Protected from the Weather UltraQuiet heat pumps are engineered to last.
    Coastal environments and inland weather can be detrimental to the life of
    your heat pump. Weather proof construction is important. Every unit is
    seacoast treated, every coil is coated and every heat pump is constructed
    from non-corrosive, UV resistant materials.
  • UltraQuiet Design U.S. AirWater heat pumps quietly heat or cool with
    sound levels as low as 50Db, almost silent from 10ft away. Our exclusive
    UltraQuiet airflow system features a silencing fan top, integrated
    electronically commutated fan motor, forward-sweeping fan blades,
    compressor sound shield and vibration isolators to help deliver quiet
    operation by maximizing airflow and minimizing vibration.
  • Rapid Defrost (HC) uses the hot gas from the compressor discharge to
    defrost the evaporator coil. This is the most efficient way to defrost as heat
    is added directly to into the evaporator coil tubes which effectively defrosts
    the heat pump at a very rapid pace.
  • Heat, Cool or Heat · Cool, it’s your choice. Just set your UltraQuiet heat and
    cool heat pump to heating, cooling or auto and let it automatically heat or
    cool to maintain the temperature you enjoy.
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger is backed by a lifetime warranty. U.S. AirWater’s
    Titanium Heat Exchanger design features the latest advancement in heat
    exchanger technology. Its enhanced tubing design gives 3-4 times the
    surface area compared to standard round tube heat exchangers, which
    equals more BTU’s per hour heat transfer. The 100% pure commercial grade
    titanium is impervious to harsh pool chemicals.

And the best part is you can order yours now and have it installed as soon as you open your pool this spring!  We are so very excited to be able to bring these amazing pool heat pumps to you and cannot wait to start installing them for you!  If you are interested in knowing more, be sure to contact us today!

Jays Precision Pools - Winter Pool Covers

The Winter Pool Cover – 5 Tips to Keep in Mind!

As we move through one season to the next we know that pools are being closed for the winter.  With this we know that you are looking at and thinking about your winter pool cover and it’s many pros and cons.  We know that there are many things to think about when getting your pool ready for the winter.  Your winter pool cover and it’s proper use should be at the very top of those things on your mind.  We know that there are many tips and tricks for your winter pool cover to work it’s very best and this article that we found will highlight the top 5 tips!

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Jays Precision Pools - Excessive Leaves In Your Pool

Dealing With Excessive Leaves In Your Pool

With fall in full swing and leaves dropping from the trees, we are sure that you are tired of the constant leaves in the pool!  We found a great resource that will help you deal with these leaves in the pool and save some of your sanity in the process!  Well all have to deal with the leaves in one way or another but we would like to help you make the process easier and maybe even save your pool filter from having to work too hard due to clogged skimmer baskets and very low filter flow.

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Hiding Pool Equipment with Landscaping

You have made the investment on a beautiful new pool but you don’t want to look at the pool equipment.  What is a homeowner to do?  Hide that equipment with landscaping of course!  We love to find these resources for you and get you thinking about what improvements you want to make next spring so that your pool is ready for swim season!  Once again, we found ourselves at intheswim.com.

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Jays Precision Pools-Homeownrs Get Fall Pool Maintenance

Homeownrs Get Fall Pool Maintenance, Leaf-Cleaning Tips From PENTAIR Aquatic Systems’ POOLFYI

At Jay’s Precision Pools we love our Pentair Pool products, especially their heaters and heat pumps!  So when we saw this article they had posted about fall pool maintenance and other fall cleaning tips we just had to share it!  With fall upon us and winter (regretfully) approaching it’s time to get this seasonal chore out of the way!  If you are not looking forward to servicing your pool for the final time this summer, be sure to schedule your Jay’s Prescision Pools closing today!

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